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Everyone can use all facilities in this web site ?

All facilities is provided for member. As a member you have the right to use facilities as often as you like 24hr according to your membership and of course according to Terms and conditions. Several facilities are provided for members such as tutorials, stocks data, analysis tools etc. if you have not register yet, you may register first and do the member validation. We require it to avoid any spam or unwanted activities, also help us to maintain this site. Back to top

How to become a member ? Free ?

You may register to become a member here. After your email is validated, your membership can be used directly. There are several type of membership which can be choosed as your background. You may be a beginner, intermediate or advanced member. For beginner member we provide Free membership which after email validation can be used directly. Back to top

What's different between standard member and Premium Member. What's advantage of become Premium Member?

As member, you are entitled to use all facilities according to your membership. But if you are not satisfy with facilities provided for you, we provide Premium membership. For Premium member we provide more intersting and complex facilities which are not provided for standard member. For instance advance tools which is provided for premium member only which we hope meet to requirement and knowledge of the said membership. Back to top

How if my membership expired, can it be upgraded/extended later ?

You may upgrade / extend your membership anytime. But if your membership is expired you may still able to login as member, but not allowed to run any facilities until you extend or upgrade your membership. Hence you may choose standard membership (and Free!) while register now and if later you require it, you may upgrade to premium member any time. This can be done through your Control Panel. Back to top

Can I directly use any of tools and tutorials ?

For all member, we require email address validation, after you go through registration form, system will send email automatically to your email address used. You are requested to klik link appear on those email to verify your email address. For every member we limited to 1 email address only which used alose as login id. Time for sending email may be vary from 10-20 second to 1-2 minutes. After verification, your membership is online directly and your may explore any facilities provided including analyzing tools and tutorials. For Premium member you may verify your membership after your payment is received. Payment can be done by Bank Transfer to account provided in your email. For payment confirmation, please use payment confirmation on your CPanel. If you have any problem with your membership, please feel free to contact our Customer Care. Back to top

I am a beginner. Any tutorials for me ?

Yes, we provide tutorials according to member background. Tutorial available for all members, beginner members, intermediate member or advanced member. We strongly suggest you obtain tutorial suite to your background and needs. Difficulties level and complexity will impact directly on your understanding and knowledge absorbment. Back to top

I want to do specific stocks analysis. What's tools provided ?

Numbers of facilities provided such as latest stocks information, indicators, data analysis and graphical analysis. Member are able perform analysis for required stocks, stocks comparison for specified time range etc. For advanced member, provided advanced tools for advanced analysis, advanced chart analysis, pattern analysis and portofolio analysis. Alll provided for use by you as our member. Back to top



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